My Woman, My Everything – Episode 5

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“Hello, i’m mrs Edwards , i’m here to see my husband, she is expecting me,”she said to the receptionist.
Mrs Edwards had spent much time with the cab man who refused to accept any money short of what he had earlier agreed with her. Fortunately for her, he accepted for a transfer which she immediately did as to proceed to her point of mission.
“you’re welcome ma, please, what’s his room number?,” the receptionist asked with smiles all over her chubby face.
This would definitely be another huddle as she doesn’t know the right number to her cheating husband’s room.
This could be a proverbial case of security personnels preparing to avert a robbery situation whilst they had long gone.
Mrs Edwards starred at the ceiling, looking aloof, she pleaded with the receptionist to help her with his room number.

It was really against their working ethics to reveal such as she would risk losing her job.
However, after she explained to her, woman to woman, she accepted to help her but begged her to say she guessed the room number without mentioning her name.
Whilst she was still talking with the receptionist ,
Brenda shouted “Dave, my tummy!”
She feigned sickness as if she was seriously hurting.
Mr. Edwards panicked as be turned to Dave.
“Young man, I think you should rush her to the hospital now before something bad happens to her,he stuttered.
Dave knew then that Brenda did that on purpose, to prevent him from exposing Mr. Edward. He warned the lecturer to expect him back but left immediately .
“You did that on purpose right?, Dave teased Brenda as they boarded a cab
home from the hotel.

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” This is not the right time for him to go down. Now that we know he’s married, we have the upper hand,”Brenda said to Dave.
Dave, just take me home, I’m really feeling dizzy. .

As soon as Dave and Brenda walked out of the room, Mr Edwards had locked the door just in case they came back. He then quickly wore his shorts and lay on the bed contemplating his fate.
“those kids have gotten one on me. I must revenge” What am I going to do now?” he thought to himself.
Several thoughts ran through his mind and he played back stories of people who had found themselves in this situation…
Meanwhile, Mrs Edwards had found her way to the room. She knocked on the door and quickly turned the handle with the hope of bursting into her husband.
To her disappointment, the door was locked.

Her sharp knocks on the door brought her husband back to reality. He jerked up thinking Dave and Brenda were back
 “who is it?, Mr Edwards asked
“Room service”, she replied in a bid to perfect her plans of catching him red handed.
Mr Edwards thought to himself “that must be my cold drink, let me drink this out”
On getting to the door, he was shocked to see his wife in all her glory filling the door.
She pushed past him into the room, took one look at the bed, went into the bathroom and closet and was disappointed not to see any one.
“What are you doing here? I told you I was going for a meeting. hold on, were you following me?” he asked. Mrs Edward nodded.
“You think I’m a cheating husband right? Apparently the meeting couldn’t happen… I was feeling drowsy so I booked this room just to relax since I couldn’t drive in my current condition” He lied.
His story sounded true to wifey. She was the “easy to be convinced” type.
 “I’m so sorry my husband, please forgive me”, she broke down in tears, pleading hesitantly.
“Hmmm, all this while, you didn’t trust me? How could you…”he roared at her.
His heart was however beating very fast.
“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you tonight… Besides, it’s been a while since we made love as couples do”, she tried seducing her husband.
It sounded like a good plan to Mr. Edwards and since he hadn’t succeeded with Brenda, he could at least satisfy his lustful desire with his wife who was available at that moment and deal with Brenda and Dave later. So they went on and spent the night together.
Meanwhile, Brenda and Dave had reached Brenda’s apartment. She was scared to be alone after her ordeal with Mr. Edwards back at the hotel.
 “Dave, please don’t leave me here alone tonight, I’m too scared to stay on my own, “she pleaded with him to stay back.
 “Brenda, don’t worry, I’m here”, he responded reassuringly.
Brenda then went to take a shower while Dave sat on the sofa.
He saw her album and started going through her pictures.
He realized that Brenda had taken photos with top popular billionaires in the country and one of them kept appearing in almost every picture… That was Brenda’s Dad.
“Hmm, seems this lady is really connected” He said to himself.
Just then, she came out of the shower with just a white towel wrapped around her body and her fresh fragrance distracted him. She looked so beautiful, more like a river goddess .
Dave looked up at her as she smeared lotion on her arms and legs. She looked splendid and alluring.
He wanted to grab her and kiss her there and then but he kept it cool as he didn’t know how she would take it.
The feeling was mutual; the weird silence in the room gave rise to many lustful thoughts.
Suddenly she came close to him on the sofa, stood right in front of him and said “I have an answer for you , but I will tell you mid-way through”
“mid-way through what?, Dave wondered. “You sure are very mysterious”, he teased her.
“Just shush ok, I hate men who talk a lot.” She said that jovially
“Dave” She called, and sat on him… Now they were facing each other. She looked straight into his eyes and held his head. She slowly landed a passionate kiss on his lips.
It was so soft and tasted nice.
Dave held her curvy waist, as the kiss grew intense. Both their breathing got heavier and fasfer. … In no time, his hand had found its way under her towel and he had begun to explore.
Brenda was aroused… She didn’t know when she took off the towel leaving just her pants on. She then went on to take off his shirt while still sitting on him.
Just in split seconds, they were both stack naked . ..
Hmmmmmmmmmmm……..its getting hotter…..
Hang on for the next Episode…

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