My Woman, My Everything – Episode 4

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Just before they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards arrived at the hotel with the cab.
Driving into the car park, she saw her husband’s car parked neatly to one corner. She intended to run out of the car to go into the reception
“I will catch this useless man today” she said to herself as she burst out of the taxi, several thoughts running through her mind.
“Madam, my money please” the words from the cab driver tore into her thoughts jarring her into the present.
She reached into her bag only to discover that in her hurry to come after her husband, she had left her purse at home. Rummaging through the bag, she saw some loose coins just short of the fare. She turned to explain to the driver, gave him the coins and started to explain but that wasn’t going well.

The guy was having none of her stories…
Meanwhile, Dave was still at the hotel restaurant, waiting for a signal from Brenda. He was getting worried and apprehensive..
Mr Edwards eased himself and Brenda into the room. As he was shutting the door, he thought to lock it but remembered that he had also ordered a bottle of cold beer to be brought to him in about 30 mins so he left the door unlocked.
“Sir, I am not comfortable with this, “Brenda told Mr. Edwards as he was relaxed on the bed facing her.
“Don’t give me that excuse,” he roared back her. You were comfortable kissing that boy this morning. Like I said earlier, you better comply or I will make sure you and that guy are expelled from the school,” he threatened.
Having said this, he started taking off his clothes.

Brenda wondering where Dave was, looked at her phone and noticed that the text hadn’t gone through. She quickly resent it and got a satisfying response showing the message had been delivered. She heaved a sigh of relief.
Mr. Edwards had undressed himself leaving his “boxer shots”. He turned and noticed that Brenda hadn’t made any move to undress.
He got impatient and said “I believe you are not going to do this in your jeans”,he said rudely.


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Then he smiled, “you like it rough right” “I am sure you knew this is what we came to do, if not, why did you follow me?”
“Sir, I can’t do this please, ”Brenda said while trying to buy time.

“Young girl, I don’t have time for games, we have a whole night ahead of us and I intend to enjoy every moment of it,” he said.
At this point, he couldn’t control himself any longer. He took off his shorts, pounced on her, pushed her on the bed, tore her top and began to pull off her jeans.

Brenda was having a tough time fighting him. He had a flabby physique and a potbelly formed from too many bottles of beer and a loose life. He could have been more attractive if he had been taking better care of himself.
Meanwhile Dave was finding it difficult to locate the room even though he knew the number… When he eventually found it, he turned the doorknob gently and was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. He opened the door gently to find Mr. Edwards forcing himself on Brenda and trying to undress her.
They both didn’t notice when Dave entered. As he took in the scene, he was furious… He wanted to just push Mr. Edwards aside and rescue Brenda immediately, but he needed to go by the plan if they were to get a lasting resolution.

He took out the digital camera he had in his pocket and started taking shots of the scene.
Brenda saw him and quickly kicked Mr. Edwards in his groin to free herself. She ran and stood by Dave who was busy taking pictures.
While Mr. Edwards was still writhing in pain, he noticed that Brenda and Dave had outsmarted him.
“you will live to regret this, both of you”, he angrily said.
“Don’t even think about doing anything funny this would be your last. We already have evidence, it’s your word against the pictures we have taken”, Dave replied him but wished he had pounced on him to pummel his wicked face.
Mr Edwards eyes narrowed at the words, he looked closely and noticed the camera in Dave’s hand. Immediately, he realized what had happened. All these while, he foolishly didn’t notice what really did happen.
Mr. Edwards’ first instinct was to rush at Dave but a good look at the well built young man convinced him that he would be the worse off in the encounter. His face dropped and he began to beg…….



Dave and Brenda already have the upper hands and would listen not to his stupid plea….

Mrs Edwards finally found a way to pay the cab man and made her way to the hotel room. .


Hang on for the next Episode ..

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