Meet CP Wakili, Hero of Democracy

Meet CP Wakili, Hero of Democracy

Posterity will always remember people for either good or bad deeds. Today, we have chosen to bring to you the real face of democracy in Nigeria amidst all the chaos, blood bathe, voter apathy and intimidations meted to Nigerians by her leaders.

Quite unusual , as opposed to the normal debased image of Nigeria police force, Commissioner of police in Kano state, CP Wakili Muhammed has proven to be one of the few good people still wearing black uniform.

God bless you sir…..

He is obviously incorruptible and has made several high profile arrests. Nigerians are calling for him to be the next Police IG.

The plausible encomium poured on him could only be a testament to his altruism.

See what people are saying online…

If you understand Hausa language, listen to this.

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