Man arrested in plane for shouting “Tinubu can’t be sworn in” (video)

Plenty controversies have been trailing the drama that happened in the Abuja-lagos bound Ibom Air plane. A certain man was seen shouting Tinubu can’t be sworn in and was later bundled out.

Some of the passengers were saying he posed a security threat and wouldn’t be traveling with them.

Shortly, the cabin crew sec were seen struggling to pull the man out of the plane….

Surprisingly, the man started shouting Obidient… Obidient…

Meanwhile, most Nigerians are not falling for that video as they are suggesting it was a staged video.

Why would he be shouting Obidients?

Who is he?

Can his name be made public so Obidients would go through his timeline or investigate him to know if he’s actually an Obidient.

Remember, same APC hired fake Bishop during Tinubu’s campaign which has cast aspersions on most issues coming out from both his camp and that of the Police.

See the video below..


This is the season….. Anything to cast aspersions on the Obidients would be seen…. Ok, now that he has been arrested, can they make his investigations known to the public? If he is truly Obidient…..Fellow Obidients would come to get him out just as CHUDE a real Obidient was rallied for…. Nigerians are getting wiser by the day… 😂 

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