#Lekkitollgate : Reports from the ongoing protest (video)

Lagos state government has shown her preparedness to stop the proposed Peaceful protest that’s supposed to be held at the Lekki toll gate in furtherance to the Lagos state government’s insistence on the reopening of the toll gate where Some Innocent Nigerians lost their lives during a peaceful protest on the 30th of October 2020.

However, the Youths are asking the government to halt the reopening pending the resolve from the Judicial Panel.

Lekki toll gate protest

The state government has deployed heavy Police presence at the toll gate insisting the gate must be re-opened.

Jkcyno news gathered that Police are clamping down heavily on the few protesters that turned up.  some were reportedly beaten with sticks and their posters confiscated. One young man who said he was an observer was taken away in a Black Maria. #Lekkitollgate

Popular comedian, Macaroni was arrested by the Police.

Some protesters were seen beaten by the police with sticks and thrown into a van.

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  1. […] on-line comedian, Mr Macaroni was arrested at the #Lekkitollgate  protest  and taken away in a black Maria […]

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