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We all know that humans have different kind of  genetics growth now let’s take a look at CHIMERA. These type of human growth is very rare in human, plants and common mostly in animals.

A genetic chimerism or chimera is a single organism composed of cells with more than one distinct genotype. In animals, this means an individual derived from two or more zygotes, which can include possessing blood cells of different blood types, subtle variations in form (phenotype) and, if the zygotes were of differing sexes, then even the possession of both female and male sex organs (this is just one of many different phenomena that may result in intersex conditions). Animal chimeras are produced by the merger of two (or more) embryos. In plant chimeras, however, the distinct types of tissue may originate from the same zygote, and the difference is often due to mutation during ordinary cell division. Normally, genetic chimerism is not visible on casual inspection; however, it has been detected in the course of proving parentage.

Chimerism is a rare congenital condition involving one person having two different sets of DNA. There are a few instances when it can occur: when a fetus absorbs a vanishing twin during pregnancy, when fraternal twins trade chromosomes with each other in utero, or when someone has a bone marrow transplant.

You can get chimera in eyes , skin,hair sex organs and many more ..

Chimeric humans come in different forms, I will be showing you some pictures of them above.

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