Lawlessness in Nigeria deepens as EFCC & NAF officers fight

The EFCC said they arrested five suspected Nigerian Air Force officers for alleged Yahoo Yahoo activities in Kaduna State. Six NAF officers who witnessed the arrests, stormed the EFCC Zonal Office in Kaduna, to forcefully release their colleagues.

However, the military personnel attached to the EFCC resisted, leading to a messy standoff. Nigerian military officers pointed their guns at each other in a messy draw.

Dialogue between the hierarchies of the EFCC & the Air Force broke down. Again, NAF officers stormed the Zonal office to forcefully release the six NAF Combatants.

In Nigeria, inter-agency rivalry, the lack of coordination, & the absence of cooperation, are one of the many reasons the terrorism, the banditry, the kidnappings, & the widespread insecurity seems to linger on.

Sometime this year, it was the DSS & the EFCC in a bitter standoff. The DSS forced their way in, they gained access to the Commission’s HQ, & carted away the many files on ongoing cases against high ranking politicians. They did that rather unceremoniously, in their gestapo style.


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Abdulrasheed Bawa’s removal & his eventual arrest, are not unconnected with this particular standoff. Those whom Bawa was investigating, are now in your National Assembly. While Bawa was kept in DSS custody, your very corrupt legislators were sending prayers to their mailboxes.

The Nigerian military & their paramilitary counterparts, they lack discipline. They commit acts unbecoming of professional outfits. Some of your service men behave like untamed animals in the wild.

The Nigerian Police are not left out, those ones are notoriously worst! Most of them are ex-convicts & hardened criminals.

Nigeria itself is a wreckage underwater, an asylum, a prison. A Rhapsody of Absurdities, a menagerie for wild beasts. Those service men are a reflection of your wicked politicians. The rascality of INEC, the Judiciary, & the political class, will one day destroy Nigeria, for good!

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