Keke and Shuttle drivers in Awka protest (video)

Commuters and residents within Awka, the capital city of Anambra State and it’s environs were today stranded in different bus stands as shuttle drivers allegedly begins strike action.

Stranded commuters were today spotted at different bus stands within Awka and it’s environs as shuttle drivers begins strike action allegedly caused by the Harmonized Tax by the Anambra State Government.

Recall that in her efforts to reduce the illegal tax collection and have an harmonized system of payment for commercial motorists in the State, the Anambra State Government issued an harmonized levy to commercial drivers. This is intended to reduce the level of illegal tax collection in the State.


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Some weeks ago, the Shuttle drivers had earlier protested the amount issued by the state government and has today allegedly embarked on a strike action as commercial shuttles were not seen on the roads.


Our correspondent who spoke with one of the drivers was told that the action was intended for the state government to come to their aid and reduce the amount which he claimed was too much for them as most of them have “families and are driving their shuttles on hire purchase.” He noted that they expected the state government to make the amount very cheap and easy for them to pay.
There are also reports that Tricycle drivers are currently protesting around Eke Awka Market, for the same purpose.

The protest continues today as workers are stranded.

The Keke drivers are meant to make 15,000 compulsory payment monthly as Shuttle riders pay 20,000 monthly.

We realized that, the Harmonized tax means that, even if you’re not opportune to pay for any month, once you pay for the next month, that payment would replace that of the previous month regardless of if you worked or not.

Buses pay as high as 40k and we heard Lorries pay up to 100k.


I think the major problem here is not the amount but the compulsive way of payment… Example, if you travel or haven’t been able to work for 3 months,when you return, you would pay for those 3 months….. That’s the main issues…. 

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