It’s time for “Ndi Anambra” to wake up

A rat does not eat what belongs to a person fully awake! It seems though some strange rats have entered Anambra state and have been eating from their revered fabrics unabated.

Below is a wise write-up from a concern “onye Anambra”….

NDI ANAMBRA TETA NU N’ULA (Anambra people, wake up from slumber) 

With the recent happenings in our dear State Anambra (killings, burning down of State owned assets and the recent threat by these faceless criminals to attack 9 more local governments) one can’t help but ask these questions;
1. Is MNK from Anambra State?
2. Why take on Anambra State and Prof. Soludo?
3. Is there an agenda these people are pursuing?
4. Is Soludo to blame for MNK’s incarceration?
5. Why is his home State of Abia not under these kind of attacks?
6. Why is Ebonyi State peaceful and not observing these stupid sit at home orders even when it is a well known fact that the governor is anti Biafra and a well known sympathizer to the fulanis?
After thorough reflections, I came to the conclusion that these imbeciles have an agenda against Ndi Anambra from all indications.


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This is no longer an agitation. They want to bring Anambra State down and it seems they’re winning. Anambra State is fast becoming a ghost State losing her pride of place as a business hub and light of the nation. Schools are closed for 3days running and our kids are wasting away whereas schools are open in Ebonyi State and other States. Where has the “Can Do” and “Never Say Die” spirit of Ndi Anambra gone to? Why have we become so frightful and afraid? Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and all our other fallen heroes will be turning restlessly in their graves when they behold the ugly spectacle that Anambra State has become. It’s time to re-awaken the “IGWEBUIKE” spirit in the real Anambra man and say enough is enough to these renegades. Time to unite and drive these inglorious bastards away from our dear State. We should not allow miscreants and never-do-wells to overrun this State and regulate our very existence.

Ndi Anambra aren’t known for docility and laziness. How can we suddenly become docile in the face of tyranny? Gathering under mango trees to eat, drink and enjoy small talks on weekdays when our fellows in other States are busy doing their businesses. Our kids wake up in the morning and play till evening when their mates in other States are busy in their classrooms studying.

Tufiakwa! Ndi Anambra are known for industry, resilience and dynamism. It’s high time we took back our schools, our markets, our businesses and our lives. Time to take back our dear State Anambra. Wake up Umunnem.


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