INEC to conduct Presidential Supplementary Elections even after declaration

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC led by Mahmood  Yakubu has never stopped surprising Nigerians with so much unprecedented rascality never experienced before in Nigeria. 🇳🇬

You’d recall that, a Mahmood Yakubu’s INEC pronounced Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the APC as the President-elect after the Fraudulently conducted February 25th, 2023 presidential election throwing caution ⚠ to the wind.

INEC on the 17th of February not “surprisingly though” released a rather confusing, conflicting and funny press statement where they stated that there would be a supplementary Presidential elections in some parts of Nigeria in a yet to be announced date.

How would INEC conduct a supplementary presidential elections when they have gone ahead to declare their own selected President?

Can someone try and make this make any sense to Nigerians?

Ordinarily, Mahmood Yakubu should not have continued as the Chairman after all these rascality…unfortunately, Buhari who’s the Principal in all these has gone ahead to declare that Tinubu’s mandate stands even when he is not a “court”. That would tell you who’s beating drum 🥁 for the fraudulent INEC…

“No wahala…let God’s wish be done whilst few of us who still believe that something can somehow be done would keep shouting till they hear us. 🔥 

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  1. Bishop

    Madness everywhere

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