Igbos make fun of Buhari’s “dot in a circle” assertion

Igbos make fun of Buhari’s “dot in a circle” assertion

Buhari  described the Igbos of the South East as a dot in a circle.

However, some Nigerians have reacted in defense of the Igbos.

Reno Omokri wrote : He is right. Israel is also a dot in a circle. Israel is an even smaller dot than Igbo land. Yet, she defeated 6 surrounding nations. Dont underestimate a dot.

Femi Fani – Kayode wrote :

As long as Igbos are seen as nothing more than landlocked dots with nowhere to run or hide there can be no peace in Nigeria. It is incumbent upon us as the new generation of leaders to build a nation in which we are all equal before God & the law regardless of tribe or faith.

It’s funny how the Igbos turn every lemon 🍋 presented to them by the government whose every act and policies seem to subjugate them to Lemonade.

They still make fun out of it and find a way to even make more money out of it..

Happy Sunday family and friends.
As Earth is a DOT in the Galaxy.
As Nigeria is a DOT in the Earth.
As Biafra is a DOT in Nigeria.
I am a DOT they can’t do without.
Proudly an Igbo man.
Proudly a DOT.



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