If Buhari’s Regime were to be recorded in the Bible

Nigerians have really been passing through some turbulent time which is being compounded by having a president that is far away from them yet lives with them.

President Buhari overtime has proven to care less about he happenstances across the nation especially during and after the EndSARS protest that turned bloody at the Lekki Toll-Gate.

With the police harassment of the EndSARS Protesters and CBN Governor reportedly freezing the Bank Accounts of the EndSARS Protest Promoters.

Amidst all these unfortunate scenarios which wouldn’t have been happening in the first place if Nigeria where to be having the kind of leaders and strong institutions they truly deserve.

However, a creative Nigerian has written a funny but real biblical situation of Buhari’s regime.

Read Below…. 


If this Buhari regime were recorded in the Bible, it would have been written in the book of 3 Kings Chapter 1:1-15 ; And I read.

1. And a good king reign over Nigeria. Goodluck the son of Ebele Jonathan from the city of Otueke, Bayelsa state, reigned for six years.
2. On his process to continue his good work, hatred started from the other sides of the nation, they tried everything by all means to unseat him as their leader.
3. Then many people of the nation started crying onto their gods saying, Oh! gods of our ancestors, come and take this Goodluck the son of Ebele Jonathan out of office for we have found our messiah, Buhari, the son of Mohammed from the city of Daura in Katsina

4. After the cries of the people against Goodluck, The Lord spoke to Goodluck, and said, Goodluck! Goodluck!! And he answered, my Lord, speak for thy servant heareth,

5. And the Lord said to him, do not resist to give power to that of their messiah for I’m going to do terrible things in the land of Nigeria through this Buhari, the son of Mohammed that will not be forgotten in the history of the world.

6. Then after the election, the messiah-Buhari loss the election but Goodluck still gave power to Buhari just to allow the word of God to be fulfilled

7. Then Buhari the son of Mohammed started reigning over his people; the first year of his regime ends with killings, hunger and suffering by the masses.

8. And he armed his Fulani kinsmen with weapons to kill the children of the Most High God, he did many evils to put thy Lord to anger.

9. In the second year of his regime, his evil acts got to heaven and God struck him with a life deadly disease, with all this sufferings.

10. A great Prophet Nnamdi, the son of Israel Kanu from the city of Afara Ukwu Ibeku, Umuahia in Abia state arose from the East and demanded for the freedom of his people out of Nigeria, but with the foolishness of Buhari and his people, they acted wrongly to the sight of the Lord by lunching the Operation Python Dance in the home of Prophet Nnamdi.

11. And the anger of the Lord was kindle against Buhari that the Lord thy God set ambush called the Niger Delta avengers over the people of Buhari.

12. That the fled leaving behind their possessions of cows, goats and rams.
13. And the word of the Lord came unto the children of the most high saying, by this time next month, a cup of rice shall be sold #130, for the Lord shall harden the mind of Buhari to close the border leading to the country of Nigeria.

14. Now the city of Lagos was under siege that harmattan ceases to come out even unto the 17th day of December in the year 2019.

15. And the children of the most high cried unto the Lord day and night and the Lord thy God had mercy upon Nigeria.

Such a pitiable situation in Nigeria…. 😭 

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