How INEC Chairman,Mahmood Yakubu committed a criminal act (video)

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Mahmood Yakubu, the man who lied to Millions of Nigerians (video) repeatedly both in Nigeria and at Chatham house has inadvertently committed a criminal act by going ahead to make that announcement by 3am, without first following the guidelines stipulated by INEC is already a contempt to the laws of Nigeria.

According to section 65 of the Electoral law 2022, sub. Section 38 of the regulations and guidelines of the conduct of the Election :

a : The Presiding Officer, PO, shall (must) transit results from the Polling units directly to the INEC result viewing portal in completion of the election and failure to adher to this is a criminal offense. It went ahead to stipulate the penalties against such infractions.

All these, INEC Chairman ignored and rushed to declare his own winner challenging Nigerians to go to their own court.

Prophet Isa El-Buba,a strong Obidient made his points below.

Meanwhile, Aisha Yesufu had some encouraging  and congratulatory words to all Obidients in Nigeria. 🇳🇬


Meanwhile, Buhari brought in Battalion of Soldiers in Lagos and most people thought it was to protect the voters in Lagos… Unfortunately, it seems like it was actually for their perceived Protest from the Angry Nigerians today…. Fighter jets are already flying around lagos since morning… For what exactly meanwhile they were no where to be found on the election day as thugs were on rampage….. The end of tyranny is getting closer… 

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