Health zone : importance of healthy blood vessels

Health zone : importance of healthy blood vessels

It’s simple. The functioning of the organs and systems in the body depends on the quality of the blood circulation. Blood circulation means delivering oxygen and nutrients to the internal organs, as well as collecting the carbon dioxide and metabolic products. In childhood, adolescence, youth, we move more, the vessels are new, elastic, clean – the nutrition of the organs is maximum. With age, we move less, and our vessels start to get dirty. This is because of many factors, not all detrimental (such as smoking, unhealthy eating, poor environment, sedentary lifestyle), but also natural (depositing of lipids, a process which takes places in all organisms).

What does ‘dirty’ blood vessels mean? Imagine some pipes full of rust. What’s going on? The pressure of the water increases and the water tastes bad. The same thing happens with the blood vessels. When cholesterol or other substances are deposited on them, the pressure increases ( the dirty vessels are the main cause for hypertension! ), the blood contains impurities, the blood circulation is deranged. As a result, changes take place in all the organs and systems of the body. Even the skin is a system.

The human body gets older. If you are careful and you cleanse your blood vessels, you have the chance of living at least 20 years without pain in the organs or joint pain, and the body will work excellently. In other words, cleansing the blood vessels can prolong your life and health. And it is not just a theory. I recommended this method to my patients and I practice it personally. All who have listened my advice have exceeded those who are of the same age.

This situation is spreading. The cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 4 times more deaths than the other causes. The doctors are aware of this, they know the cleansing of the blood vessels in necessary, but for some reasons, the British medicine neglects this aspect. Most doctors prescribe remedies for decreasing the blood pressure in case of hypertension. However, these are not meant to cure, but they have a temporary effect. It is necessary to cleanse the blood vessels. By the way, this method is has been practiced in the US and Europe by all people over 35-40 y.o. for over half a century. All patients there know about the necessity of cleansing the blood vessels. I kept asking myself all the time why this doesn’t happen in our country as well.

– Are there any symptoms which make us realize about the presence of deposits in the blood vessels?

– Of course there are. The main symptoms are:

Memory impairments
Chronic fatigue
Intimate issues
Eyesight and hearing disorders
High blood pressure
Breathing impairments and angina pectoris
Pale skin on the legs
Muscle and joint pain
Regardless if you have one of these symptoms or not, after the age of 30, it is necessary to cleanse the blood vessels at least once in 5 years. This way, you will have a strong health.

The blood vessels have the capacity of gathering impurities, especially in older people. For this, it is not necessary to eat burgers or French fries all day long. Even after eating a sausage or a fried egg, a certain amount of cholesterol will deposit in the blood cells, which, in time, will increase.

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