EXCLUSIVE : Fraud Alert from Aso Rock using Super Falcons

Nigeria won’t be same again either for good or for bad… Something would definitely happen.

Meanwhile, the evil APC government are already seing the effect of having Nigerians get interested in the government’s activities.

A senior Obidient investigative journalist has revealed the most wicked latest fraud from Aso rock where they are using the Super Falcon’s world cup outing in Australia 🇦🇺 /New Zealand to look public fund.

You see, any mandate got from fraudulent means can never serve the masses….

APC and INEC obviously never mean well for Nigerians and must be stopped by all means.

Read the Exclusive expose below :

There was secret political padding in the approval, but despite that, slicing & diverting is still ongoing. Hence @PIDOMNIGERIA’s reason to shout out, & expose these documents to the public for the real beneficiaries to see what is due them. Monkey no go work, for baboon to chop.

If i don’t post these confidential documents from AsoRock here, our Super Falcons
@NGSuper_Falcons team will be sweating it out, at the womens world cup in Australia & New Zealand, while some politicians are in Abuja approving monies in their name, that will never get to them.


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