Desmond Elliot Insults Nigerian youths, calls for social media check (video)

Desmond Elliot Insults Nigerian youths, calls for social media check (video)

Lagos state law maker and Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot has come under serious scrutiny by the Nigerian youths after his latest prayer in the state house of Assembly.

In the wake of the genocide committed at the Lekki Toll-Gate where innocent Unarmed Nigerian youths were killed during the #EndSARS protest, Desmond Elliott is quoted as saying that, “Nigerian youths are children using social media to destroy Nigeria”. He said in 5 years if social media isn’t checked, Nigeria would seize to exist.

His incongruous arguments fell to sink as many youths couldn’t understand the premises of his argument.

He said, “these children go to social media under influencers to abuse them and also mentioned the youths desecrated the Oba’s Palace.

In all, Desmond Elliot couldn’t substantiate or differentiate between peaceful protesters that have genuine reasons to agitate and post-protesters that took the advantage to cause mayhem all over the nation.

He never condemned the gruesome murder of innocent Nigerian youths which he was supposedly one. He never faulted the government for being so wicked by hoarding the Covid-19 palliatives meant to help cushion the dangerous effects of the pandemic. He never said anything about the Police brutality neither did he profer any solution to the current unrest across the nation but pray for the house to find a way to check the social media which seems as the only viable voice the Youths have.

Meanwhile his major achievements to his constituency Surulere in 6 years…..

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot's constituency project in Surulere

Below are what different youths are saying in reaction to his prayer.

The video above he had denied after the news went out, however, people still found a way to provide this evidence.

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