Desmond Elliot dragged for the wrong reason

Desmond Elliot dragged for the wrong reason

Desmond Elliot  is trending online for another strange reason.

The popular Nollywood lawmaker was heavily criticized after his remark which was suggested as an Insult on Nigerian youths and  call for social media check (video)

Although he came online to apologize to Nigerians,but i doubt if he’s been forgiven ever since.

Earlier, someone complained on how her friend’s boyfriend proposed to her with a 10k 💍 ring and she broke up with him. Another hot tempered Twitter user took it up to slam her and promised to flush them up in Desmond Elliot’s toilet 🚽.

🤔….. It means, Desmond was hit by a stray bullet as people of twitter Republic have decided to regurgitate their forgotten outrage.

See the chat below..


See some reactions below



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