Dark Room – Episode 7

As I drove close to my mother’s house, I realized the drum beating was from my mother’s house. There was a feast going on, the moment I parked, the drum ceased… My mother was shocked to See Me. I am sure she was torn between running towards me in excitement or showing her anger towards me. Maami and I had not spoken in the past two years, because of my disobedience to her as regards coming to do a ritual, precisely to carry a sacrifice to appease one of the Orishas to aid my fruitfulness…. We stopped speaking two years ago after a very hot argument, but I never stopped sending her money through her bank account…

My sisters ran towards me in excitement, the drummers moved towards me as I began to spray them money… They were singing… ” Orishamuyiwa tii wale” ( Orishamuyiwa has come home)… I walked towards my mother and knelt before her, asking for her forgiveness, my mother turned her face to the other side…

” You have to give birth to the child, the gods forbid I tamper with their works, Do you know how many sacrifices I carried on your behalf… This is the doings of the gods”… My mother said at night when we sat down to discuss my ordeal.

What was my mother saying, No wonder we were never on the same page…

“Maami, how did adultery become a way of your gods answering prayers? ” I said in disbelief at my mum’s mindset…

” Orishamuyiwa, the truth is, in what has been written about your destiny, You and your dead husband were not destined to have children together, ….that man Larry , your keyboardist or what do you call his name is the one your destiny matches with…. So that useless talk about killing him is totally nonsense… What is wrong with being a second wife? It is destiny…. Accept it… “

It dawned on me why I shouldn’t have come to Igbonla, my mother was going to complicate matters, this was exactly why I left Igbonla years ago… I didn’t want to turn out like my mother, She was married Four times, my three sisters are my stepsisters…. One daughter, one husband….

This was not the advice I needed, Maami was only going to complicate matters…. I slept off that night with a bigger plan in mind….

Early the next morning, I set out to boy’s corner in Igbonla, that was where all the rogues, touts, robbers, cultists sit , smoke and drink all day….

Stepping down from my car, I tried to see if there was anyone I could recognize, when I heard my name….

” Oosamuyiwa…. A. K. A Grace the Singer, wetin you dey find? ” I could not recognize the face instantly, but looking intently, it was Ifakolade, my first crush as the age of 10..We were always called husband and wife when we were younger. His teeth had turned brown from smoking… We exchanged pleasantries and we had time to talk. I narrated my ordeal and told him I needed someone to kill Larry for me…

Kolade told me he was up-to the task and we bargained Four hundred thousand Naira. I paid him half of the money instantly.. How desperate I was!!!

Two days later, Ifakolade brought me BAD news, they had gone to Larry’s house in the city and shot at him, only for the gun to have no effect…. Larry took the gun and shot one of the boys that went with Ifakolade ( Ifakolade ‘s only brother). He then asked Kolade to deliver a message to Grace…. It was a written note…

“Grace, You think you are dealing with a boy?…What I felt you before has become full blown enmity.. Be ready for war, I know where you are, by the time you will be reading this note, you will be putting on a red top and white trouser….that is to let you know.. I am ahead of you…I am coming for you soon to take something precious ” My hands were like Jelly, I was really putting on red top and white trouser…

I realized I was in soup, Larry was no ordinary human being, now I knew I needed supernatural powers, that was more than Larry’s…. This was not going as planned….

Ifakolade was lamenting over the loss of his brother, telling me why didn’t I tell him, Larry was diabolically empowered….. I was blank…. Larry was a Christian or so I thought…. Hot tears dropped from my eyes, the baby inside me kicked and that moment I felt like stabbing the seed of the monster inside me….

Suddenly, I heard a loud cry from inside the room, I dashed In…. What I saw made me pee on my body…

My youngest sister was dead…. I knew Larry did this….

It gets deadlier after this, all because of one night of adultery….Continue reading my tale, and be ready to cry for me….

To be continued…. Did you ever suspect Larry was this evil…..

© Opeyemi Akintunde

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