Dark Night 2 ( short story)

I hadn’t seen a thief in real life before. I had heard and read about how they attack people and maim or killed them just to get what they wanted.
What if this thief had a weapon? I thought miserably as I quietly docked behind my bedroom door. When the intruder began to tiptoe into the kitchen, I put my eye through the tiny opening between the door and its frame.
I heaved a sigh when I saw that he was not armed. His silhouette figure moved in the dark like a walking tortoise. The light from his small phone led him into the kitchen. I wanted to scream now but something held me still; perhaps it was the fear of the unknown. I was paranoid now like never before.
What if he had a pistol in his pocket? What if he had a dagger he’d kept by the door?
I was still wondering of what to do next when the burglar came out of the kitchen carrying a black polythene bag. The cry of the child from the house adjacent mine continued to waft into my ears. I felt creepy. Even though the weather was cold, I felt sweat drop from my forehead in rivulets. My palms too were damp with sweat. I hadn’t sweated like that before. This could happen to anybody who was alone with a thief in his house; a thief who could have been in possession of lethal arms.
Suddenly, I heard him begin to hit the door and it struck me that he had just jammed the door without using the piece of paper.
Certainly, he was trapped. I could hear him curse under his breath.
It was so dark inside as i could barely have a clear view of what was happening. Suddenly, i felt someone or something touched me from behind which made my heart pause momentarily.
I felt it was time to die as probably the bandit has gained access to my hiding place…..
Just then, the lights came on. It was actually the umbrella hanging on the wall that hit my back as i was peeping through the holes by the door.
Oh, my God….. It heaved a deep sigh of relief.
 Not too long a while, my mind was flashed back to the invader in my house.
One mind told me to call the police or better still shout for help so the neighbors would come to my rescue.
I had a doubt if that would help much as my voice would alert the invader to harm me…
All these were ruminating through my mind as i summoned courage to open the door….
Immediately, i saw the man walked past the living room back into the kitchen.
Obviously,  he was not armed.  I came out of my hiding place entirely and confronted him in a raucous manner…
“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house?” I thundered feigning courage. The fear in his eyes was palpable.
“I..I..I, please sir!” his knees dropped on the tiled floor. His head was bowed and buried in shame. He could only stutter.
“You had better talk to me before I shoot you dead right now.”…..
Hang for the Last Episode…..
I had to break it again today to make sure you’re following…….. Trust me, the next would blow your mind… 😂 

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  1. Cynthia

    Jk, give me real stories. I have gone through this in so many platforms

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