Crisis in FUTA as 5 students gang up to Decimate 100 level lady (video)

Social media is fast becoming the only succor for the common man to getting justice recently.

Yesterday, all hell gates were let loose as some sets of Federal University of technology Akure, Ondo state,(FUTA) ganged up to beat up a 100 level female student mercilessly.

The beating was so severe that it made FUTA students wade into the situation after the beating video leaked online.

According to stories flying around, the molested lady used one the molester’s name to gossip that she got her latest iPhone through “Runs” which made them to plan for her and gave her the beating of her life.

Currently, the school authority is sitting on the situation as to find the suitable punishment for the molesters.

We would feed you with the verdict shortly….

Meanwhile see the video of the beating scene below…… (viewers discretion advised)


Quite unfortunate i would say…… Their emotions and somewhat power got the better part of them and would go on to thwart their respective academic journey in FUTA.


Below are the full pictures and names of the culprits.


Below is two of the offenders in police custody as some students spits fire 🔥 and brimstone.


Finally, a creative student has already released a song using the faces of the molesters to render a freestyle song…..

Watch below….

So what’s your take on the whole brouhaha……?

Happy Sunday… 🙏


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