#COVID-19 : The world about to end in Lagos after lockdown ease (video, pictures)

Image above is from OGbaete in Enugu state.


Allowing Nigerians out from the lockdown could be the end of the Lockdown as most of them would likely not accept to be locked down again after experiencing this momentary freedom.

Today, the 4th of May 2020 would be etched in the sand of history as the day Nigerians were set free from captivity amidst the 3rd world war with the Coronavirus soldiers.

The problem isn’t about easing the lockdown, doling out several orders from the government but adherence.

In a state like Lagos, adhering to the social distancing principles during this ease has proven to be a herculean task very difficult to abide. . Almost impossible

Watch below….

Above is a bank where the gate men are struggling to push the invading mob of customers away from flooding the banking premises.

Even the traffic has returned….

Lagos state lockdown ease
Lagos state lockdown ease

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