#COVID-19 : Kano state a ticking time Bomb (video)

Nigerians are becoming increasingly worried about their safety as the number of the suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases increase daily despite the continued lockdown order.

Just in a single day, 114 new cases of #COVID19 have been reported.

80 in lagos
21 in Gombe
5 in FCT
2 in Zamfara
2 in Edo
1 in Ogun
1 in Oyo
1 in Kaduna
1 in Sokoto

As at 11:30 pm 24th April there are 1095 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria.

Discharged : 208
Deaths : 32

Did you notice from the statistics above that Kano wasn’t recorded?

Could it be that NCDC are still collating the results from Kano just like the 2015 presidential result?

I am afraid, Kano is just like a ticking Bomb waiting to explode…… Quite unfortunately..

Some have however become sarcastic about the Kano’s case by comparing it with football league table…

Sadly, Kano state citizens have been flouting the lockdown order as they are still moving in group, attending the mosque 🕌 without any adherence to social distancing.


Finally, the straw that broke the Carmel’s back is the constant denial and downplaying of the severity of the Kano’s case by the state government yet her citizens are reportedly dying in numbers.

Watch the video below as 180 persons reportedly die of unknown sickness and buried in the cemetery…




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