Could this be the Election INEC Promised Nigerians?

Could this be the election INEC promised Nigerians?

How on earth did Nigeria get to this level of madness?

Prio to this General elections, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC had made so much promises. Snatching of ballot boxes were supposed to be a thing of the past.

Hei INEC!…. 🔥

Thuggery and intimidation of voters were not to be heard in 2023, not even in the most populous black nation.

BVAS and IREV were supposed to be the perfect game changer! Yes, it worked in Anambra State Elections, it was excellent in Ekiti elections and Osun elections.

Those beautiful outcomes cemented the Nigerian’s trust in INEC.

Nigerians fell for their SCAM.

They wouldn’t hear anything again, all Red flags  🚩 were outrightly ignored.

No one saw Mahmood Yakubu coming.

He appeared so calm and incorruptible, or maybe, no one cared to run a quick research on him.

Let me stop here as i would dedicate a full article on the TERRIBLE DISASTER CALLED INEC.

Watch Video below…

Baale’s son, (king’s son) alongside his thugs came and set the INEC materials ablaze…

To even think that most of these heinous crimes are committed either infront of Baale or Oba’s palaces..


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