CCTV footage showing 9year old girl burning Ebeano Supermarket (video)

CCTV footage showing 9year old girl burning Ebeano Supermarket (video)

A closed-circuit television footage showing how a young girl set fire to the multi-million naira shopping centre, Ebeano Supermarket Lokogoma, in the Federal Capital Territory, has gone viral.

The PUNCH had, on July 17, reported that the supermarket was engulfed by fire, which lasted more than one day.

The FCT Fire Service spokesman, Ibrahim Muhammad, had stated that many FCT fire stations, including Nji, Games Village, Garki and Asokoro, were involved in fighting the inferno.

In the footage obtained by our correspondent on Monday, the suspect, who has been identified, was seen walking into the supermarket along with two suspected female accomplices.

The girl, dressed in a black top and a pair of jeans, could be seen walking to a section of the supermarket where gas cylinders and electric cookers were kept. She, afterwards, picked up a lighter and lit an item there and walked away.

Ebeano supermarket fire

Watch the video clips below (you may need to download VPN to gain access to Twitter for Nigerians)




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