BREAKING : Judge Absconds from Court over Tinubu’s case

There’s a rumor ongoing of a certain order from above ordering the Judiciary not to entertain any suit stopping the Inauguration.

“Today, the Judge to preside over the 25% in FCT case has also absconded from court and we were told to return on Friday, these actions and many more begs an answer to my question, are these judges afraid of passing a judgement that will stop the incoming unconstitutional govt?… ”

Meanwhile, David Hundeyin has asserted that Tinubu tasked Sanwo-Olu to raise 100bn naira….

Few hours later…. Read below..


Nigeria is heading towards a dangerous tunnel in few days if care is not taken… These judges know that Tinubu should not be sworn in because of so many cases of violation of NIGERIA’S CONSTITUTION… Yet, they’re playing smart, shifting the goal post so that Tinubu would be sworn in and they all run away…… This is a dangerous terrain they are running on. 

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