Beautiful Story of a man whose love story defines what true love should be (pictures)

Sometimes, we become very intentional in picking up some stories we share in a bid to inspire others. Everyday isn’t about sad stories of killings and government’s ineptitude, today is about the amazing story of a young Nigerian of Igbo descent who found love, believed in love and allowed love to help him achieve his dream regardless of age dispa

Read below the story of Mazi Muffassa which jkcyno news found worthy of sharing as against the story he was replying….


I met my wife when I had nothing, I was making 50k as a Production manager, freelancing for Nollywood producers, lived in a one room apartment somewhere in Ajangbadi, my wife’s from the U.S but there’s something that attracted her to me, we kicked off the relationship.

While her friends warned her bout dealing with a Nigerian man, she told em she don’t care that she sees something in me and that my environment held me back and she would really love to help me, she was 5 years older than me, she didn’t care, when she went back to the U.S.

We kept in touch, talked and she always made sure to visit me twice every year, 3years into the relationship she decided to file my papers so I can move to the states with her, in April 2017 she filed my papers, by November 2017, I had my visa.

By December 2017 I was in the United States, arriving with a fiancee visa had to get married and readjust status, all which my wife funded, it took 8months for me to get my work visa, all through these months, my wife supported me and made sure I lacked nothing.


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At a point I was frustrated and depressed waiting on my papers, but she would always put me in high spirits, she never failed to share whatever she made from her business with me, even without me asking her a cent, she would buy me clothes and shoes, every and anything I wanted.

Fast forward October 2018 I got my work permit and proceeded to get a Job at Nissan Car Manufacturing company, November 2018 I bought my wife a brand new civic, because she sold her car to finance my relocation to the U.S.


January 2019 I decided to change jobs and delve into logistics, quiting my job at Nissan, I put my money and time into acquiring a CDL which costed 7000$, my wife stepped in that period and took care of the Bills and helped me achieve that goal.

I started driving trucks and making more than my wife, I decided to move her hair styling business out of our living room, I bought her a shed and built her a front porch myself, and equipped it with all she needs.

2021, I quit working as a company driver and decided to buy my own Truck and start my own trucking business and as soon as I told my wife that move, the next day she came out with 5,000$ in cash to support me and I purchased my first Tractor Trailer.

3 months into driving as an Owner Operator, I bought my wife an SUV I’m August, and asked her what she wanted for her birthday, which was November 7, she said she wanted to get a degree, I have her enrolled in school, paying her school fees to get it.

My wife and I have supported each others dreams, and we’ve been together for 8years, married for 3, she took a chance on me and with faith and having her behind me I was able to achieve so much in so little time, I’ve only been in the U.S for 3 and half years.

A woman who loves and trusts you without a doubt will always support you, have your back and elevate you. I’m so fking lucky to have met my wife, my fellow men do not feel less than a man having a woman you love support you, that’s why she’s your better half.

Me and my wife has never had financial issues, she’s a signatory to my checking and business accounts, I don’t care how much she makes, even as much as I make more than her she always sends me money every now and then without me asking.

Moral of my thread, A woman can make a man as much as a man can make a woman, when you love someone you do any and everything for them…

Incase y’all wonder how much I’ve grown in just 3 and half years being in the U.S, I own my own Trucking company and I can literally afford my cravings and anything I want, all because of my wife.


Below are their beautiful pictures..

Mazi Muffassa


At this juncture, i simply would suggest we mind the kind of stories we read… Try reading more positive news than negative. Of course we know bad news seem to gain more attention but it messes up with our psyche with so much of it pilled up in our brain…..


May God keep blessing your marriage @Mazi Muffassa…..

Help share this news everywhere so more people would realize that it takes two to make a marriage work. Either wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend can support each other’s dream….. It’s not an exclusive project of a man to support women’s dream!

Drops pen 🖋 “kpakam” 

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