#BBNaija2021 : Trouble in paradise as whitemoney gets entangled with Queen (video)

#BBNaija2021 : Trouble in paradise as whitemoney gets entangled with Queen (video)

There’s love in the air but not without some auspices of confusion littered here and there in the big brother’s house.

It’s all about Whitemoney and Queen having a thin rope of situation-ship dangling round their frailty necks.

Now let’s get down to the brass tacks…

Queen and Whitemoney had some discussions two nights ago about what they think is a “sprouting relationship” between them.

In all honesty, i think part of whitemoney’s strategy is staying off any form of relationshipsl or situation-ships while in the house.

Is it working out for him?

It was but not until Queen 👑 came into the picture.

During the heart to heart conversation with Whitemoney, Queen made it emphatically clear that she’s very apprehensive of whitemoney’s un-holy attraction to JackyB whose closest housemate Michael had been evicted from the ongoing show.

She said that she is getting close to JackyB but her emotions are getting the whole scenario twisted as whitemoney is being very friendly with JackyB.

She was visibly getting paranoid.

Whitemoney who had since ran to his kinsmen (Jaypaul, cross and others) to complain of being trapped in an emotional rollercoaster he never envisaged.

However, their conversations were deadlocked as they both stayed throughout the greater part of yesterday avoiding each other. Meanwhile, The TECNO Task which had them in same team made them seemed like talking to each other again after the long show of silence.


Whitemoney told Jackie B he likes her but would respect her decision if she rejects him because of Michael.

He told her that he would not push her further if she rejects him because he wouldn’t like her to be emotionally drained.

Whitemoney said: “There are two things involved here, it’s either I start shooting my shot at you like doing what JayPaul did for Saskay or just respect you and leave you alone.

This morning, the duo were found in the kitchen flanked by Cross who seems to be the chief judge in this case.

Queen was quite vociferous and maintained over and over again that she’s jealous about Whitemoney’s closeness with JackyB. According to her, if Michael wasn’t evicted, he wouldn’t have the liberty of flirting with JackyB especially after whitemoney confessed to having being attracted to JackyB during their truth and dare games.

There is trouble in the Zanga……… 😂

Whitemoney is trapped in the closet as cross who obviously has lost his love battle to Jaypaul after the later seemed to have won the heart of Saskay.

See video below…


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