#BBNaija2021 :Trouble in Biggie’s house as Saga Fail task, Liquorose shake ship

#BBNaija2021 :Trouble in Biggie’s house as Saga Fail task, Liquorose shake ship

Big Brother is officially rocking the boat and scattering ships, After spending their time in the House sailing in smooth waters like they are on honeymoon, Big Brother Naija couples Saga and Nini and Emmanuel and Liquorose are in a spot of trouble; and it’s all thanks to Biggie assigning Liquorose and Saga a similar Secret Task: start a fight with your partner and ignore them to win 200 Abeg Naira and 100 BB Tokens.

The two seemed at a loss when given this Secret Task considering just how attached at the hip they are to each other – but the game is the game, right?

Saga fails dismally

Shortly after the Housemates YOUID Task, Saga was all over Nini as usual, then started a sudden argument about allowing people to experience the House in its entirety.  That set the scene for tension between he and his lady love that eventually saw Nini seek solace in Cross’ arms. Nini seemed like she wasn’t bothered by Saga’s sudden weird vibes at first and sat on Cross’ lap, perhaps to make Saga jealous. She and Cross spoke of their plans to kiss each other once they are both outside the House.

While Nini was making plans with Cross, Saga was sitting by himself and eating his dinner at the dining table.  Eventually, Nini found Saga, pulled him to the side, and told him she is mad at him and will not be speaking to him if this is how he behaves when having a bad day. Saga ignored Nini, then headed for the Blue Room where he busied himself with bed-fixing.

This morning, the House imploded following a fight between Cross and Nini and that seemed to pump the breaks on the Task, for Saga at least. Saga rushed to comfort Nini and the two ended up under the duvet. Saga couldn’t hold it any longer and spilled the beans. He told Nini about the Secret Task and apologised over and over to her. “I am so sorry. I would never do that to you. I am so sorry,” he said, while Nini sniffled, eyes swollen from crying.

Liquorose applies the pressure

Liquorose on the other hand is pressing necks (Emmanuel’s to be precise) and taking names. As soon as the YOUID Task was over, Liquorose avoided Emmanuel and sat alone in the Blue Room, which was a strange sight, considering how we are all so used to seeing her and Emmanuel together. After noticing the distance, Emmanuel tried to resolve things with Liquorose. She laid into him and told him “I don’t want your pity love”. Liquorose motioned how she feels their relationship is one-sided because when Emmanuel was asked about his crush in the House, he never even mentioned her. Emmanuel seemed at a loss and told her “I’ve opened up to you and you are now using that against me”.

Cross and Pere noticed the tension between the couples and decided they would try to get to the bottom of things. Cross had a sit-down with Liquorose who told him she was tired of being in a one-sided ship. He came through with sage advice, telling her “If Emma really cares about you, he will come and find a way to get you back, however long it takes.”

We know Saga has failed already, but will Liquorose make it to this afternoon’s Diary Sessions without being caught out? Time will tell!

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