APC Governors storm Adamu’s house at midnight (video)

The APC members are seriously pretending to Nigerians that all is well whereas all is so not well with them.

The Chairman of the NWC, Farouk Adamu had scored an own goal with his announcement of Ahmed Lawan as the concensus candidate yesterday.

The Northern governors seem to have had a different preference which has led to them deciding to proceed to the “SANTIAGO BERNABEU” to decide the winner with a penalty shootout.


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However, The referee of the match, Adamu decided not to show up at the training night before the match. The players(APC GOVERNORS) decided to Storm his house in Asokoro, Abuja for a VAR of what really happened during the training session that made him award an own goal 🥅.

He was reported to have gone incommunicado until he realized that FIFA Might ban him and decided to come out to meet with the players.

Watch video below..


Meanwhile, these Northern governors are trying to play a Real Madrid vs Mbappe saga on Nigerians…. They suddenly woke to clamor for Southern Presidency, not even SE if they actually needed equity. They simply shows that ATIKU is their concensus candidate. Probably, TINUBU would be given the FIFA Ticket only not to qualify for world cup in Qatar 🇶🇦. 

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