APC close roads, Lock shops and Force Traders to attend Rally in Lagos (video)

Lagos state is unfortunately under siege of Tinubu and APC.

One may wonder how possible it’s that Lagos state banned any other party aside APC to post posters, place banners or Billboards of any sort in lagos state.

Even in a military regime, i doubt if such would happen. In the entire lagos, you would see only posters, billboards and banners of only APC not even PDP nor that of Labour party.

Today, as APC hold their rally, they closed down most of the roads in lagos and forced most markets people to lock up their shops and compulsorily attend the rally.

In a democratic nation and state?

Yes, it’s already happening in lagos and you may understand the kind of government Tinubu and his cohorts intend to run assuming they are to win…. So unfortunate!

Below is a video of how they locked up shops and forced people to attend their rally.


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