Again, Judge Decides not to show up in Court

Nigeria is on a free INEC failed Nigerians as their only unfortunate hope is the judiciary….

Guess what… The judiciary is about to dash the hope completely…

You’d recall that Supreme Court Dismissed PDP’s Suit Challenging Shettima’s double nomination earlier today.

Again, the Judge to preside over the suit by the Abuja Residents/Voters  to stop May 29 swearing Ceremony did not shown up in his own court .

Nigeria Judiciary has Failed Nigerians again, on such an important suit of National Interest, the Judge decided on Wednesday and Today to not show up in court.

Bar,Chuks Nwachuku Esq. Solicitor to Abuja Residents & Voters has warned that if Nigeria proceed to install Tinubu as President & Commander-in-Chief under the present circumstances,Nigeria would be setting democracy up for overthrow.

APC must never be allowed to Destroy Nigeria .


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  1. Bishop

    It’s a pity

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