Accidental Marriage – Final Episode

His graduation was drawing closer; ‘everything will be a surprise to my love, I will shock her to her
bones.’ David expressed his joy as he talked to himself. His boss had changed the properties title to
David’s name. He became the new landlord of No …. Glover Road, Ikoyi. Part owner of Uga sons and Stejo petroleum filing station. ‘What else do I want God to do for me? Thank you Lord.’ He worshipped God.
He was among the accounting graduates who came out with second class lower (2.2).

‘It would have been nice if Tosin was here to celebrate this golden success with me. No, everything must be a surprise
to her. The full package of God’s goodness to me must be a big surprise to everyone in the village.’ After his graduation ceremony, he headed to the village pretending to still be poor, just the way he left the

‘Let me see the way my people will welcome me after 5 years’.

On his arrival, he headed straight to Tosin’s house without notice. The compound was quiet because
everyone seemed to have gone to the farm. It was the harvest season, and hardly was he going to meet anyone at home.’ Anybody at home?’ David inquired with a loud voice but there was no response.

‘But the door is open, and I am hearing a sound inside. I hope these stubborn goats have not sneaked inside.

He pulled the door to confirm the source of the sound he was hearing. As he peeped in, it was Tosin and an unknown man both unclad right on the bed. ‘Tosinnnnnnnn, what is this?’ He screamed and turned
back without saying a word. Tosin quickly dressed up to follow him but couldn’t catch up with him.

It was the first time Tosin fell for any man after David left the village. All manner of men had asked her out but she turned them down. ‘What have I done to myself?’ I have ruined my life for 5 minutes enjoyment. Tosin cried her heart out. ‘How would I explain to David that it was a temptation? Will he believe me that this is the first time? O my God!” She cried the more. ‘How would I tell him no man ever mounted me all these years he was away?’

‘But I am human too, how am I sure he was not doing it with those Lagos girls? Why will he leave me without a word for five years? We will both share the blame. Please come and be going.

You know I told you I don’t want to do this? Now you have used your lust to destroy my life. Please leave before another person come to see you.’ Tosin told Lekan, her sex partner.
For three days, David did not know what to. He refused to talk to anybody, even when his parents continued to ask him questions upon questions about his stay in Lagos and his visit to Tosin’s place. ‘Did
you quarrel with her? Did her father embarrass you? Why have you been moody since you returned from Tosin’s house?’ His mother asked him. On the evening of the third day, David’s father went to Tosin’s compound to investigate the problem why David has been moody for three days after he came from Tosin’s place.
I have been wondering too why she has been a shadow of herself for these three days.

Tosin’s father told David’s father. I didn’t even know David was around. ‘Let’s call a meeting with the two of them and

let’s know what the problem is.’ David’s father suggested. ‘Since you came back from the city, we’ve not seen you together with each other. What is the problem?
Tosin’s father queried. ‘David, is anything the problem?’ They jointly asked him. ‘No sir, there is no
problem. I am overwhelmed with the joy of seeing my love again.’ David thanked everyone for taking
care of his betrothed wife.
‘I want to use this opportunity to tell you that God has smiled on me. I am a millionaire now. I have
bought two portions of land in Ikoyi and Ikeja as a replacement for the family land that was used to pay
my love’s bride price. I am moving my father-in-law out of this house to a better place. I will take
Antonia with us to Lagos to manage one of my petrol station. I will make provision for our marriage
ceremony so I can take my wife along with me to Lagos.’
Their traditional ceremony and church wedding was done in grand style. David never spoke about the
incident that happened the day he came to Tosin’s house neither did he tell any person. David and Tosin
have been happily married for 10 years with 3 kids.

The End******


©Ayodele Adeoye stories

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