Abuja-Kaduna highway to Hell fire (video)

Abuja-Kaduna highway to Hell fire (video)

Abuja-Kaduna highway has become the focal point to crime and kidnapping in Nigeria most recently. According to Sheik Gumi, the famous advocate to the bandits, they are just doing their business. He could not be any less incorrect as the bandits seem to be having a busy shopping 🛒 spree in most parts of the Northern Nigeria effortlessly.

One may ask, does it mean these Fulani herders, kidnappers baptized as “Bandits” have more numeric strength than all our armed forces put together?

Such a shame!!!

Now, let’s do this, did you know that ;

”Owerri – Onitsha is (84km)?

Number of Police, Military, Custom checkpoints = 30

Abuja- Kaduna is (190km)
Number of checkpoints = 0”

Such a laughable statistics…. aite?

Have you ever driven from Lagos to the east? The number of Police, Military, Customs and other checkpoints are little above 50 and one would think they are doing it for the interest of “ndi Igbo”!

Unfortunately, their major aim is to extort the Igbos always on a traveling galore. They target 🎯 the newer and more luxury vehicles with less than 50 – 100 meters apart. It is so infuriating and frustrating especially when you see how they only focus on extorting of money from the motorists than protect them.


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Quite interesting, this supposedly wickedness has turned into a blessing to “Ndi-igbo”. No kidnapping or a single crime or even accidents are recorded on those highways. “Chukwu dalụ”!

Take your time to watch the video below.


The video above is not a clip from Tom Cruise’s Hollywood movie but a pitiable state of the Abuja-Kaduna highway which seems to be the market arena for the Fulani terrorists kidnapping galore.

The Bandits overwhelmed security operatives on the notorious Abuja-Kaduna expressway on Tuesday. This was 24 hours after several commuters were kidnapped and a former APC Gubernatorial aspirant in Zamfara State, Hamidu Sagir, was killed on same highway.

What would it take the Federal Government to mount twice the number of checkpoints they have at Lagos-Onitsha highway?

The patrol team seems powerless.

Innocent people are dying in drones  at the Northern part of Nigeria yet the IPOB are the main concern of the government………. “Tụfịakwa”!

The deafening silence from the government is so disheartening.

Things have so fallen so apart.




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