4 Awkward Moments at Tinubu’s Inauguration (video)

The inauguration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu today wasn’t devoid of drama even as most Nigerians mourn.

To be clear, the majority of Nigerians never voted for Tinubu…. He used the power of incumbent corrupt APC government to foist himself on Nigerians.

However, the matter is still being contested in the court as they advised.

Anyways….. Tinubu is always surrounded with drama which our eyes can’t be taken away from….

See videos below :

Ladies and Gentlemen…. Tinubu couldn’t stand on his own aa you could see him being held by his aide. He couldn’t even recognize the podium and was almost going away before he was geared back to the front.


Again, you could see him staggering….

2. From the video above, Tinubu couldn’t hold a pen 🖋 by himself to sign his documents… That’s the hight of it all….

This shows you this kind of government they are planning on running..

3. The video below shows the moment a journalist/photographer was flung out of the stage in the most despicable way.

4. Of course, fight brokered….. The era of disorderliness….


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