Nigerians Slam FBI for Using 6-Nigerians as Crime Poster

Nigerians in Diospora have slammed FBI for what they termed as racist comments.

The FBI posted cyber crime notice and used 6-Nigerians as poster boys.

In their statements, that would be  a deliberate attempt to make Nigeria look bad as many people won’t even read the full article to find out the real story.


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Why use only Nigerians who are only 6 in number  to stage the crime poster ?

In the article there are 79 Persons: 16 Russians, 20 Chinese, 6 Nigerians and 37 men of arabic descent but the headline is showing only 6 Nigerians. Smh


See the full lists HERE

See what FBI posted below that got Nigerians infuriated….


1 thought on “Nigerians Slam FBI for Using 6-Nigerians as Crime Poster

  1. …in connection to the $6 million scam! Abi make FBI can people wey no get connection to the said crime?

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