Unizik College Of Health Sciences Nnewi Provost is dead

The Provost of College of Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus, Professor Okwudili O. Udemezue, is suspected to have died of coronavirus.

Anaedonline.com reliably gathered that Prof. Udemezu died at the Isolation Center of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi.

Prof. Udemezu who died this morning was said to have been down of coronavirus close to a week now.

When contacted, the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC), Dr. Joe Ugboaja, confirmed that the Provost died of the symptoms of Covid-19, however, he insisted that since the sample test result is not yet out, it cannot be confirmed that Prof. Udemezu died of coronavirus.


8 thoughts on “Unizik College Of Health Sciences Nnewi Provost is dead

  1. Since the lab sample is not out yet, there is no reason of saying he died of covid-19 symptom since is unconfirmed.. Other disease have similar symptom as covid-19

  2. A very painful loss, indeed! There, was a great scholar, a Christian father, and a fine and handsome gentleman. Incidentally, he was the Chairman of the Unizik COVID-19 Committe of which I am a member. He was working recently to save others without knowing he would be consumed by same pandemic. A pity! May his soul rest in peace. Anen!

  3. Prof was a teacher and upright man. It is a great lost on planet Earth but a big gain in the kingdom of God. Iam sure he will make heaven. RIP MY TEACHER, MENTOR AND A MAN OF GOD. TILL WE MEET AGAIN TO PART NO MORE.

  4. It is a painful one that my Prof,a man I called daddy is gone,but his good will will see him through to God’s bosom in paradise….He was a good and charismatic soul ,well refined in conduct and deeds , while alive. He shall be sorely missed by every nice soul that knows him. Adieu Prof O.O Udemezue, Provost with a good heart.s

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