Could there be anything China isn’t telling the world about COVID-19?

Since the break of this Coronavirus pandemic, many persons have been in constant suspicion of who’s really behind this ill fated ordeal that has claimed thousands of lives globally.

China 🇨🇳 is number one nation that calls to mind each time COVID-19 case emerges. Many have argued that China’s involvement in this gruesome pandemic can never be over emphasized.

America 🇺🇸 and China have been on bilateral trade loggerheads overtime and it wouldn’t be out of place if anyone calls for the both countries to explain to the rest of the world what’s really up with this COVID-19.

Now read another narrative from a twitter handler below…


Many have made their reservations known to the way and manner China suddenly recovered from the pandemic and records concurrently no new cases in the native origin Wuhan and other parts of China.

Meanwhile, some persons have even further doubted China’s claim to have risen past COVID-19 as they ain’t reporting correctly.

Furthermore, some persons have gone ahead to accuse the World health organization, WHO for aligning with China to give wrong figures and not saying the whole truth about COVID-19.


As much as majority of these tweets could be people’s personal opinion, you can use your discretion however to swallow the information.





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