Tyson Fury beats Deontay Wilder to win WBC heavyweight championship (video)


The judges’ decision to conclude a draw in the first bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder caused major controversy, with many fighters, pundits and fans alike all having scored the fight well in favour of Fury.

In last night’s rematch, though, there was little doubt as to who was favoured by the three scorers.

Of course, this time, the Gypsy King took no chances with regards to leaving his fate in the hands of the judges. Instead, he decided to control his own destiny and take the fight to the Bronze Bomber and go for the finish.

Fury’s dramatic change in style completely dumbfounded Wilder who might have expected the more traditional Fury style, consisting of a more conservative jab and clever movement.

Instead, Fury went for, and indeed earned the finish in the seventh round as Wilder’s team were left with no choice but to throw in the towel after watching their fighter sustain a combination of heavy unanswered blows delivered by the Brit.

Fury might have felt as though he’d needed a stoppage victory to win the fight after what happened back in December 2018. That, and the fact he was fighting an American fighter in Las Vegas with all three judges for the fight coming from the States, might have forced him into a change of strategy.

That being said, fans were quick to point out that it was the British judge who scored the bout a draw on the first meeting between the two.

As it turns out, all three had scored the fight well in favour of Fury before the towel was thrown in.

Taking into consideration the two knockdowns Fury recorded in the third and fifth rounds – and the point deduction the new WBC heavyweight champion received for hitting after the break in the fifth – two of the three judges had given Fury every single round, scoring it 59-52 in favour of the red corner.

Watch video below


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