Online Shop that allows You buy shoes on Credit

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About is a world-class fashion brand which is actually not a regular shopping site that allows you pay before getting your product.

If you’re scared about collaterals, don’t worry as we don’t need one to sell on credit to you. We have partnered with a reputable bureau company to help you build your credit profile as you shop for the shoes you love.

The magic here is that you are allowed to shop and get your shoes delivered to you at no cost till a stipulated time for payment. Your payment plan is up to you to decide. You can decide to pay in instalments for the duration of 60 days, if you are not a career person.
It just takes a few seconds to build your profile .

All you need is your official mail, your name and your phone number and yes! You’re ready to shop all those trendy shoes you’ve been admiring secretly.

This is an e-commerce that sells everything on credit. For now we sell shoes, but with time, as the orders keep coming we’ll add other categories to attract more people. The idea behind our business isn’t just to sell and make profit, but to expose Nigerians to credit usage and help them build their credit history.
In developed parts of the world, credit is as normal as water, and that is because they have a vast knowledge on the importance of building and growing their credit profile.

When we started at first, people kept on asking if this is true, if it’s possible to pick a product of over 25,000 to 30,000 without paying for them and the delivery. We cleared their doubts when they saw their shoes the next day without paying a kobo. Most people sent us testimonials and they were super excited, some said they’ve never heard of this happening in Nigeria, some said the delivery guy refused to collect money for deliveries.

The truth is that we keep our words and we don’t change our policy because of the country we live in.
We identified a need in the market and decided to create something that would solve the problem. Imagine, you have your graduation coming up, but you don’t have money at that point to get yourself a nice pair of shoes, how would you feel? But here we have options to buy and pay at our pace.

We understand that people especially those in the working class category plan on a budget and pay when convenient. That’s why we won’t deny you the pleasure of making you feel happy.

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