#BBNaija : Everything About the Veto Power game of chance (video)

#BBNaija : The Veto Power game of chance took place after the eviction game.

The housemates were summoned to the arena where they were asked by Biggie to pick randomly a card from a hat which contains numbers. They were meant to stand beside the corresponding buckets filled with water with hidden contents.

They were eventually asked to dip their hands to pick the contents inside a slurry water contained in the bucket.

None were lucky enough to pick the required item as Biggie asked them to start all over again.

Eventually, a winner emerged as Elozonam picked the Red card.

Elozonam would be able to save and replace a housemate that would be up for possible eviction tomorrow and also won for himself a 100 Betnaija Coins.

Good luck to him as that means, he wouldn’t be going gome this week…

… Watch the game below….


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