ATM card Fraud Alert

Loosing of one’s hard earned money to fraudsters could really hurt. It’s becoming increasingly a prevalent practice by some disgruntled individuals to dwindle their victims using some tricks often very difficult to decode to some innocent victims.

Today, we have chosen to bring to you the latest ways they could trick you to surrendering your vital information to them unknowingly.

1. ATM card fraud. 

An unknown number would call you and geet you by your name,claiming to be your account officer from your bank.

Often times, they would call your full names and quote any bank which might unfortunately coincide with one of your banking institution.

If they succeed in quoting right your bank, then, they must have passed the first stage.

He would tell you that your ATM card details is having some issues and might lead to the closure or blockage.

Many discussions might ensue which most times would be answering your query.

He would be sounding so convincing such that it would make you panic…

Once you yield, they would ask for your ATM card numbers or most times, they would ask for the Expiry date normally on the front of your card.

Now listen, on no account should you make your expiry date known to anyone over the phone.

They carefully choose their victims, mostly, elderly people or our retired parents become their prey.

Once you reveal those information to them, they would simply thank you and end the call. That would be all.

Most times, they would ask you not to inform anyone so as not to be dissuaded. They might require you send a code that would be sent to your mobile number as to nail the coffin.

Debit alerts would proceed the call….

However, once you fall prey to this, quickly place a call to your account officer to initiate an account blocking process immediately.

Please, always open up to someone once you want to do any transaction looking shady, especially online.


2. Avoid filling your information to unsolicited links often shared on whatsapp :

Most times, i see people passing some unsolicited messages online, often as job interviews or applications.

The questionnaires store the same information you feed in as a tool to defraud you later.

Be wise and stop sharing your vital personal information with anyone.

Don’t fill any online form you ain’t aware of.

Later…. We would write 📝 on Job seekers fraudulent cases.

See you next Tuesday…..

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