Nigeria Banks Transfer codes

Banking and Telecommunication system in Nigeria are one of the most efficient sectors in the country. The extent of visible improvements over the years is amazing.

Most times, one may wonder, why ain’t other sectors emulating the aforementioned. Why won’t the power and transportation sector follow suit? Why won’t the policing, education and health sector do same?

It remains a mystery yet to be unraveled.

That’s by the way…

God bless Nigeria banking sector. The cashless policy is something to be proud of and most banks are becoming formidable by the day.

Business owners have more sales because of the availability of both Point of sale( POS) in their places of business and transfer codes functions.

Recently, you may not need to visit the bank to carry out most of your banking transactions but with a simple code and your mobile phone, you are good to go.

Below are the various transfer codes for most banks in Nigeria.

Transfer codes

Fidelity Bank_(*770#)
First Bank_(*894#)
Sterling Bank_(*822#)
Skye Bank_(*833#)
Zenith Bank_(*966#)
Stanbic Bank_(*909#)
Access Bank Bank_(*901#)
Wema Bank_(*945#)
Diamond Bank_(*426#)
Unity Bank_(*7799#)
Heritage Bank_*322#
KeyStone Bank_(*7111#)
Union Bank_(*826#)
EcoBank_(*326# )
Ja’iz Bank (*389*301#)

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