LASTMA New Traffic offenses and Penalties in Lagos.

Lagos state transport management authority (LASTMA) has come up with a very stringent traffic offenses and its subsequent penalties for offenders.

The resurgent group seems to be getting the full backing of the new governor, Babajide Olusola SanwoOlu as against the previous, Akinwumi Ambode who outrightly stripped them of their powers and asked they stay off the road.

It would also be recalled that Ambode also asked the officers of the VIO to vacate lagos state roads.

Contrary to this, the new governor increased their allowances by 100% as a major motivating factor and thereby empowered them to go hunting….

They however drew out 64 new traffic offenses with its attached penalties and lagosians found some of those rules outrageous.

This isn’t the best time to be driving in lagos, some lagosians would say as they didn’t refuse to remind the government of the prerequisites to these rules.

They asked that they should at least fix the enormous bad roads in Lagos, clearly mark-out roads, place road signs conspicuously before enforcing of these rules.

Some where of the opinion that this would be an avenue for the LASTMA Officials to play “god” on lagosian motorists and make so much money for themselves.

See the 64 rules below and what lagosians are saying about them… ( please, use your thumb 👍 to magnify the images as they might appear so tiny to the eyes


Lastma new traffic rules


Lastma new traffic rules

LASTMA new traffic rules

Lastma new traffic rules

Lastma new traffic laws
Lastma new traffic laws


See what some Lagosians are saying below..

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