When Love Dies – Episode 17


”…So that’s how it happened and the reason I kept it a secret” I said ,feeling a painful heart wrench.

”Ok Mr. Gabriel ‘ Dami said ” I’ll talk to you later. Please you can leave now’

Why the sudden change, Dami? I asked.

‘Why the sudden formal tone?

‘Mr. Egedege’ She said ” Please dont let it get any worse than this. I said, I will call you later”

She made several signs with her head, eyes and even her tongue. I couldnt fathom what she meant.

It was as if she was saying ” Go now, please, I’ll call you later. Lets just talk some other time”

‘ whatever ! I thought she was insane. We had to iron things out there and then.

‘ So is that it? ‘ I said’ You’ll just walk me out ,out of your life. Out of Funmi’s life. Without explanation’

”We are done talking here. ‘ She said ‘ Dont let me call security’

Again ,her eyes betrayed her words.

I glanced briefly at Kemi. She was rather perplexed than lost in thoughts. A single word did not see the daylight out of her mouth.

I left the two women, opened the door without second thoughts and banged it behind me.

All the while I thought things were under control. Guessing now, that I had been wrong.
She was such an ingrate. A manipulative witch.

The good times, I spent with Funmi , flashed in my face. My grown affection for the little girl.

**—– ”The best gift you gave me is you, thank you for coming. Daddy”

” I promise you . I will never leave again ” I said to her.

” Promise?…..yeah! I love you daddy..—–*

At first ,it was all a joke, but now I knew I lost the game. The underdog won with high odds at stake.

My family was near dilapidation and my relationship with Funmi will also suffer.

I came home early. Tucked myself into the couch and waited for a miracle.

I dialed Tayo’s number. The playback tune of Flavour’s : Power to win, helped calm my storm.

” Man whats up? I said.

” Just finished a deal with Kay Constructions…I’m on my way home’ Tayo’s voice said.

” Bro, I’m back to square one’ I said.

” Seriously? How did that happen.?

‘Tayo, the chick blew my cover- I never knew she would have me investigated”

He kept on with his long list of advices, after which he admonished me to admit reality .

” Now you have to focus all your efforts on your marriage, with Katherine’

‘Ayo?- Its not going to be easy” I said ”besides–”

”There is no sides here. You ‘re the man. She will understand, just sweet-talk her into it, She needs alot from you” He said again.

” Kate is different–‘

”Listen to me G,’ He cut in again, ” She is still your wife. Its a chance to make things right–”

‘ So I should tell her the truth? I asked.

He heaved a sigh of relief then continued ” Well , thats a wrong turn… Dont bail the cat yet, in time it will escape”

‘ Besides now, you haven’t been unfaithful, have you? He asked.


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The day weared away as the sun kissed the earth goodnight, with its yellow rays setting at the far west.

Kate was not yet back, neither was David.

I sat near the dinning table, glancing at the mouth watering food I had prepared.

I manipulated the urgency and made it worth while.

I waited. Then my phone rang.

It was Maxwell on the other end.

” Bad news, bro! ‘ He said.

” I’ve had quite enough doze since last night’ I said ‘ drop the bomb. Whats it Max?

” Its Kate— ”

I became frantic. Stood up immediately, nearly ran mad. What happened to Kate?*

” What do you mean? – Kate? Did anything happen to her?

I suddenly realised that my heart pace trippled, and shock waves travelled down my spine.

” Ma Nkechi, just got rushed to the hospital” He said.

” Why? What happened to Mother.’ I asked ‘ And why did Kate call you first ,instead of me?

It was a strange feeling, and it ate me up internally.

”well I’m not in the position to answer’ He said ” maybe her mind randomly selected who to call first. We are on the same team ,arent we?

” OK, what about David?

” He is with his mother, at the hospital’ Maxwell said.

” I’m on my way. Text me the address”

I zoomed off, collecting my wallet and keys to the car Tayo gave me.

I got it at a second hand price, and would pay on interval rate. It was not too flashy, but it served its purpose.

Suddenly I my phone beeped again.

Indeed today, was full of wonders and painfull uncertainties.

The devil was really a fierce master in the act of temptation.

I pushed the message view button . A text from Dami.
* :

Please meet up with me, I want us to iron things out. I’m sorry for shouting at you.
I want to understand you more.
Dont leave us now, Funmi and I need you,…. Kisses and hugs, with Love. *

I was literally baked and at crossed roads.

My arms grasped the wheel. I paused and
undecided on whom to go to:

Kate who didnt bother to call me or Funmi and her mysterious witch of a mother?

To be continued…


© Written by Creeza, image : pixabay

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