The Ingenuity of Igbo Men In Onitsha as they Convert banned Okada to tricycle

Who says Nigerians are not creative? Irrespective of our tribes and religious affiliation, one thing is common in all Nigerians, Greatness!

Igbos in particular are so creative that they always find a way to circumvent around any difficult issue and still come up with a resounding solution.

For those who live and base in Onitsha, it is a common knowledge that Okadas are banned in Onitsha. According to reports, the state government announced the banning of Okada operations from July 1.

In a statement by the Press Secretary to Governor Willie Obiano, Mr James Eze, the decision was one of the resolutions reached at the state executive council meeting.

He said it was part of the overall strategy adopted by the government to deepen its crackdown on crime and restore sanity in Onitsha and Awka.

But those in Onitsha seems to have another plan for the state government, just as the popular saying says, when life gives lemon, make lemonade out of it, this is what the Okada riders did by turning their Okada into tricycles… Money can’t waste.

In some viral images obtained by AutoReportNG, we noticed that the tricycles were constructed locally and they look good. we see some level of creativity.

Meanwhile, this new “okada” is mainly for cargo carriage around Onitsha markets.

See samples below….

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