Dark Room – Episode 20

I walked into the police station,  I could literally hear my  heartbeat sounding loud and  clear. I stopped in my tracks as  I heard a voice telling me to turn back. No! I was going to own up. I had  done all the necessary things, I had given my properties and money to Churches, Charity Organizations, my Family, Friends who needed money,
because I was sure I was going to be sentenced to death.

As I stepped before the police counter, the front desk officer was listening  to one of my ever green tracks on his tiny phone. The moment he  recognized me, he was over the moon. I didn’t want to spoil his mood, so
I asked to see the D.P.O. The scenario was almost the same inside the D.P.O’s office, but after we exchanged the pleasantries, I owned up to the  death of Larry and Gbenga. He was shocked to say the least. He stood up for over five times, visiting the rest room three times, before saying  anything to me…

“Sis Grace, honestly I am short of words, my love for you wants me to tell  you to go home and sin no more, but my heart tells me you have done the right thing, because someday, the truth will eventually come out, and if it  is the police that begins to look for you, it will become messy for you and the body of Christ… hmm… I will pray for you that Mercy and Grace will  speak for you. Oh my God” I could see tears in his eyes.

He called some officers and asked them to take me to the commissioner of police without handcuffs. As I was leaving his office, he couldn’t control  his tears as he burst out loud in tears….and he knelt on the floor with heads bowed in prayer…

‘”‘…That was how my journey started, I was all over the news, I was criticized for being a murderer and hypocrite, Journalists and comedians made a mockery out of me, while others saluted my courage. The body of Christ stood for me encouraging me for my boldness. Fathers of faith in Nigeria and neighboring countries where I had gone to minister held prayer programs for me. My name Grace was really speaking for me…

I went to court, and Musa, Larry’s security man testified against me, stating that the way I described that night was exactly the way things were, even though he didn’t see Ifakolade and I.
In between my court session, the Judge handling my case asked to see me…
“Sis Grace, your story has taught me a whole lot… that one little sin has a ripple effect, creating more sins… According to the Law, I ought to sentence you to death, but I owe you a great deal…”he said not maintaining eye contact with me…
“Owe me?” I asked calmly
“My only daughter had the S.S genotype since she was born, our minds were never settled over her, until one day you came to minister in our Church in Ibadan. You ministered your song, “Yi aiye mi si rere” (Change my Life for good). My daughter told me she sang that song with all her strength that night.
While she slept that night, she said she had a dream of you taking her into a big hospital and you handed her over to a doctor, telling the doctor, you wanted him to do a change of blood for her. My daughter woke up that morning shouting that Jesus had changed her blood. She went for a test that same day, and her genotype had changed to AA… Sis Grace, your ministry gave my daughter life, now do you expect me to take your own life? Or how do you expect me to silence that voice that sent deliverance into my family….
My Judgement will be very biased today, but I know it is Grace speaking for you, because as we speak , there are thousands of lives your ministry has blessed, that are presently on their knees praying for you, including my daughter and wife…”

I went out weeping, wondering what Kind of Grace, God was showing me, I stood in the box wondering what the Judge had for me.
“This is my Judgement, for being truthful and surrendering yourself to the authority, for pleading Guilty and ready to receive the punishment you deserve, you have been sentenced to Life imprisonment. However, prior to your misbehavior, It is a known fact that you have been using your voice to make the society a better place, therefore you will be granted free studio sessions under the supervision of appropriate authority to produce more music for the profiting of the society. This must happen while still putting on your Prison wear… That is my judgement”…

A new song just popped out of my mouth right there in the court….
“You love me more than I deserve
You care for me more than I deserve
You treat me right more than I deserve
You love me more than I deserve

Hold me by the hands
And lead on the way you want
You Love me more than I deserve
You care for me more than I deserve
You treat me right more than I deserve
You Love me more than I deserve…

I was singing in tears, was this a Judgement, or a show a mercy. So, I had been given the opportunity to still sing for God while in prison and the government was going to pay for all my studio sessions, as the police took me towards the Black van, I saw people who my ministry had blessed crying and singing the new song with me…

Hang on for the Next Episode….
© Opeyemi Akintunde (Original name of story : That night in Room 401)

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