Mother-in-law – Episode 12

At the reception in the hospital, Emmanuel looked around for Janet; but she was not there. At first his thought was that she had left for home in anger. He stepped out of the reception, redialing her phone number, it was still busy. He was worried. He stood scanning around, he spotted a feminine figure near where their car was parked, and so he went to see if she was the one. On a closer look, she wasn’t the one.

With his arms akimbo, he stood in the morning sun looking forlorn.Far across the street, in a restaurant, was Janet. She was seated by the glass with her eyes glued to the street. She wanted to know when Emmanuel would drive out of the hospital so they could go home together. On her right ear was her phone, she had been talking with her mother in-law. “No, you didn’t get all I said mommy.

He told me that it started with a cold sensation which spread from his abdomen down to his male organ…” “Okay, I get it now. I thought you people woke up and found it dead. That was what I understood…I know this must be hard for the both of you, but do not despair, I will seek a solution for it before the day is over okay… One more thing Janet, when I mentioned to you that my husband died in vain, I did not mean for you to go divulging that to Emmanuel. I am a widow; I know the pains of living every day without my husband. There are just some things neither you nor Emmanuel will understand.

I think you were careless there and it has become an issue between my son and I. Really, I am not happy with you,” Mrs. Asibong said, venting her displeasure with Janet. “I am sorry mommy, actually I thought I was helping by telling him that. When we were together at the park, you seemed very flustered. I feared for you ma,” Janet said, explaining herself.“Let it go. Emmanuel is my son; I know how to handle him. I think you should go back to the hospital and be with him. This is a tough time for him. Stay close to him no matter how grumpy he gets. Giving him some distance is not ideal.” “Okay ma.

Let me be going back to him.” “Okay.” Just as her call with her mother in-law ended, Emmanuel’s call crashed in, “Hello baby! Where are you?” Emmanuel asked. From where Janet stood, she saw him step out of the hospital premises. “I am looking at you right now. I am across the street.” “Please come over to the hospital. You shouldn’t have gone far. I am sorry I snapped at you.” “I am sorry baby. I should have shown more understanding. The present situation is hard for you.”Janet dropped the call and dashed out of the restaurant.

Across the street was Emmanuel looking her way. When she crossed the road and reached him, they hugged like they had been away from each other for a while. Emmanuel kissed her and sustained it a bit longer than usual. Janet understood that act. He was asking her not to leave him again. With a gentle pat on his back, she whispered, “I won’t leave you again, no matter what happens.” He nodded and led her back to the doctor’s office.“Your husband mentioned to me that you people made use of a certain ribbon on your wedding night,” the doctor began. “I want to know; how did you use it?” he asked. Janet moved uncertainly on her seat.

From the time Mrs. Asibong had given her the ribbon, she had not felt good about it. The only reason she used it was just to make sure what her mother in-law said could happen did not happen. “I put it around his male organ and he liked it,” she said, her throat feeling extremely dry. “I want to know if it was tied firmly around his organ while you people made love?” “No, it was not.

I merely touched his organ with it. It was like dropping it on him. It was nothing more than that. He wasn’t wearing it when we made love, right baby?” Janet asked, slowly regaining her composure. “Yes, I wasn’t,” replied Emmanuel.

Okay, if you say so. His problem has to be something else. I hope that the tests we will conduct now will reveal what it is,” said the doctor. “Would it be possible for us to get the results today?” Emmanuel asked. “No, the best we can do is tomorrow afternoon. We need time to do proper diagnosis. This is a unique case and has to be handled with professionalism,” replied the doctor. “We will wait, thought tomorrow afternoon seems like eternity,” Janet chipped in. The doctor chuckled, prompting Emmanuel and Janet to laugh in spite of themselves.About an hour later, Emmanuel was through with the tests.

To make himself feel better, he hurried out of the hospital with Janet and drove home. On the drive home, he asked, “What will we be doing from now till tomorrow afternoon when the tests result will come out?” “I will try my best to wake it…” Janet was saying. “No! Please don’t,” Emmanuel interjected pleadingly. Janet was stunned by that. “Why did you say that? Don’t you want it up again?” “How do you think I would feel, if you fail again?” he paused for his meaning to sink in. “My ego is already in tatters. If you try again and it fails to rise, what do you think I will do? How do you think I will feel? Let us just pretend this never happened, can we do that?” “Yes baby, we can…is there a football game today?” she asked. Her question pulled Emmanuel from the abyss of dejection and sorrowful thoughts. “I think there is one…a big one. Chelsea has a game with Arsenal!” “I will watch it with you.

I think it is time to activate your other lover – football.”Emmanuel looked her thoughtfully, leaned toward her and planted a kiss on her lips. “I didn’t miss it when I asked you to marry me. You are something else.” “I am glad I said yes. Not even this crash will pull me away from you.” “Aah!! Eeeh!!!” Emmanuel shouted bouncing up on his seat. Janet was startled. “What is it?!” “I just felt a tingling sensation down my g—n…” “Let me see! Let me see!” Janet shouted, unzipping his trouser. With a loud screeching noise, Emmanuel pulled their car off the road and ground it to a halt under a tree nearby. She was working on his male organ with frenzy. “Can you feel anything baby?” she asked. “Yes, but it is too faint.” “That is better than nothing!” Janet said aloud, her voice filled with hope. Bending over him again, she began to work on him.

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  1. Not hopelessness my dear Emex.
    The hope is alive, I believe that with her(Emmanuel’s Mother) new fellowship, things might be good again but they still need serious prayer from a strong and true man of God.

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