Could This Be The Reason ASUU Strike was suspended?

The Federal government and ASUU reached some sorts of agreement yesterday after which the lingered strike was suspended. The news brought mixed feelings to the students. While some heaved a tumultuous sigh of relief, some of us were rather cynical about the whole stuff.

Now, let’s analyse the scenario…. Let’s play around it a little.

ASUU suddenly suspended the lingered strike just few days to the general elections. Could it be that the tears of the students languishing at home have melted their adamant and fastidious hearts? “akụkọ ikoja”. Mind you, before you go “googaa” remember the strike wasn’t called off but suspended such that their personal selfish aim would be achieved….. Possibly so.

ASUU and the Federal government are only playing with the poor student’s already frail future just to enrich their insatiable pockets… .

Just to remind you that VC’s of the various universities are possible States collation and Returning officers and would be very instrumental to the election.
ASUU therefore suspended the strike so that the Lecturers and students can participate in the election.

To be fair on them, most of these students would have been disenfranchised because majority have their PVCs registered at their respective schools. So most probably, the patriotic students whose Registration areas (RA) are in their institutions would travel back to school and vote whilst the ones who registered at their respective homes would stay back and participate before travelling back to school.

However, this unfortunate scenarios wouldn’t have been in the first place if we have voted for leaders who have passed through the four walls of the universities. Certainly, you can’t value what you never had. “Nemo dat quad non habiet”. Never can you give what you don’t have.

To them, education is a waste of time. They would rather have their kids sent abroad to study and keep doing permutations with ours. No wonder ASUU had been striking since the post Democratic era till date.

Certainly one of the best strikers any football club would sign…. They are almost certain to score always.

Painfully speaking, the students would return to their various schools and be greeted with Examination time tables of which the whole supposed 4 months or thereabout course loads would be rushed on them for less than a week. What’s the resultant effect ?

Half-baked graduates who would still roam the streets jobless and seemingly dependent on the same politicians for money to keep voting them.

Shamefully shameful.

I’d want to conclude by urging every youth of this country to sit back, think and ask one question.

Is this government a government i’d be proud to govern me for the next 4 years?

If you get married today, your kid would be 4 years old possibly suffering with you if you vote wrongful.

Shelve all sentiments and vote wisely.

Stay away from any form of election violence and refuse to be coarsed into voting against your wish.

Worst situation is where you have a PVC but vehemently refused to vote simply because you believe that your vote won’t count. Why not do the right thing and allow God do the rest.

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria. 🇳🇬


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