Mother-in-law – Episode 8

“I was lied to from the beginning! They deceived me! Do you know the amount of sacrifices I have made for the fellowship? They have bled me dry in all respects. I think I would have had a better life without them. Look at me! Look at me Ibinabo! My hands are stained with blood. I have done things I would never have thought I could do. Just when I had thought it was all over, they came looking for my son’s virility. That boy’s marriage is going to break as soon as his strength begins to fail him. How is his wife going to cope? What have I done to myself? Jesus! Look at me…” Mrs. Asibong was saying.“Stop Eme! Stop! Just stop!” Ibinabo shouted at her. “But I told you years ago to find a backup brotherhood for days such as these.

Let us not lie to ourselves, we knew these fellowships deal in diabolical powers. They have deals with powers beyond us. Once you are in, you become a pawn in their grand scheme of mysteries. I am not blaming you. I know life failed us and we had to look for sources to get back what we lost or could not have. So the truth is we brought this on ourselves. I have lost stuffs which you know quite well. It got to a drastic point and I decided to stop losing things and that is what you are going to do right now! You are done losing stuffs, Eme!” Ibinabo shouted.“Yes, I am! I am done with this life of pains and sorrows. I am done! But first I want my son’s virility back. He deserves to enjoy his marriage. I have made enough sacrifices for my son to enjoy that; and he is going to. I just don’t care what it takes!” Mrs. Asibong yelled as she stood to her feet. “That is the spirit my sister!

Now let’s go see what we can reclaim.” “Where are we going to, Ibinabo?” “You will find out just yet. Follow me.”The two ladies hurried out of Ibinabo’s palatial home, got into her car and drove off into the dark night. Ibinabo’s driver had offered to drive them out, but she had turned his offer down. The business they had to do that night was not the type he should be aware of. Mrs. Asibong’s phone rang several times and she did not pick up. The calls were from Emmanuel. Emmanuel had been seething in anger, waiting for her at her home. He just could not wait to find out what she meant by his father ‘dying in vain’.Back at Emmanuel’s house, when Janet could not bear waiting for Emmanuel to return home, she began to call him frantically. “Baby, please you have to come home. You can’t wait all night to see her. I am lonely here,” Janet cried over the phone. Emmanuel was minded to wait it out, but had to leave for his house when Janet would not stop calling and crying.
Emmanuel’s House 11: 55 PMJanet was glad to see Emmanuel return home.

He was still a tad angry. “I don’t mean to pry into her life, she is my mother after all, but what in God’s world is she crawling around at such wee hours of the night? The worst part is that she did not go out with any of her cars and would not take my calls. I want to know, what was she acting like when you were with her?” Emmanuel asked as he sunk into a sofa in his living room. “She seemed worked up. I could tell something was troubling her. She didn’t let me in on what it was. She only mentioned that she was missing your father and that he died in vain,” Janet replied while removing Emmanuel’s clothes. “You need to go have your bath and have something to eat,” she added…

“Sorry babe, I have lost appetite…” “What! Did you say you lost what? Are you aware I have been laboring in the kitchen to make you a nice meal? You have to find your appetite somehow,” Janet retorted. Emmanuel could see his wife was not happy. Refusing to eat her food would be one too many troubles to handle in a night, so he agreed to nibble at some of whatever she had cooked for him.

“For all I care, my father died peacefully in his sleep, but what you have told me has left me wondering if there was much more than I have known.” “Let it go baby,” Janet pleaded. “You are making me regret telling you that. Just let it got. Your dad died in peace and that is how it is. Come and have your bath…I will bathe you, if that will make you cool off,” she concluded.Emmanuel exhaled to let out some of the steam inside of him. Not even the offer to be bathed by Janet could make him relax. Receiving a bath from Janet was one of his favourite romantic moments together with her. However, in spite of that offer, his mind remained fixated on his father’s death and her mother’s reported comment. A foreboding feeling had been swooshing over him from the time they were on their honeymoon in Monaco. By now Janet had succeeded in peeling off all his clothes, except for his boxer shorts. Holding him by the hand, she led the way to their king size bath.

“By the time I am done with you, you won’t remember who your mother or father are, nor your middle name,” she said as they stepped into their bath. Emmanuel chuckled in spite of himself. Turning to face him, she pulled off his boxer shorts, and pressed her body into his and whispered, “Undress me, baby.”As Emmanuel’s hands worked to remove her clothes, he recalled a dream his brother had before he died some years back. “My brother Jeffery had a weird dream a night before his death.” Janet made a face, indicating she did not want him to spoil their romantic moment. Nonetheless, she gave him attention, “What did he see?” she asked. “He saw my father walk into his hospital room and said to him, “come and see Jeffery.” According to Jeffrey, he did not want to go, but in spite of himself, he followed him to a garden filled with only white flowers. As soon as they stepped into the garden, my father touched one of the flower petals in the garden and suddenly, all the beautiful flowers began to die, bleeding streams of blood. Jeffery said he was afraid and turned to ask my father why the beautiful garden was dying, only to see my father chained to a metal pole and bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth and ears. He screamed and woke up.

By seven am the next morning, Jeffery was dead.”Janet did not like the sound of that. Though he was there with her, she felt fear seizing at her heart. It was as though a third unseen person had joined them in the bath. Janet took hold of him firmly, looking around fearfully. “What is it babe?” Emmanuel asked. “I don’t like the way I feel. It is as though someone else is here with us,” she replied.

Emmanuel looked around and just in time, he saw the reflection of a figure in a white shirt on the glass panel of their Jacuzzi. Taking hold of Janet firmly, he whispered, “You just might be right, babe. I think I saw a reflection on that glass.” “You did?” Janet asked, her eyes widening in absolute fear. “Yes,” he whispered. “The problem is that I know the shirt the figure was wearing. I remember it clearly…” “Whose shirt is that?” “My father’s shirt.” “Your father?!” she asked, swallowing hard.

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