Mother-In-Law – Episode 7

Her behaviour had made Janet forget to tell her that the ribbon she gave to her had mysteriously gone missing in their hotel room in Monaco. “Well, I will tell her about the missing ribbon when I call her in the week,” Janet said to herself. “Humm! Something isn’t right with my mother in-law. She is acting very strange; and what does she mean by her husband dying for nothing?” Janet said, staring at her iPhone 7 as though the phone could say something back to her or even unravel the mystery for her.

She knew she had to tell Emanuel about what his mother said concerning his late father. If something happened to her husband, and after over ten years of his death, she is still worried about it, then Emanuel should know about it, Janet reasoned. Janet was about to make a grave mistake, but there was no one to warn her against it.Emanuel’s House, 9: 18 pmEmanuel was sitting on a sofa watching a repeat broadcast of a premier league match between Chelsea and Manchester United. The football match held his attention as though it was a live match. Janet entered the living room and greeted, “Hello! I am home darli…” she paused as her eyes rested on the television. Her face creased into a frown. She walked over angrily to stand in front of Emanuel.

“Is this why you didn’t call to know the reason I could not return in time?” Janet asked, looking angry. Emanuel stood to his feet and kissed her. She withdrew from him. “How can something that does not have buttocks and b—-t be competing with me for my husband? I don’t like the attention you give to football. It scares me!” Emanuel took her in his arms and kissed harder this time. Reluctantly she wrapped her hands around him and kissed him back with as much passion.About half an hour later, they lay on a sofa cuddled up in each other’s arms with their garments lying on the tiled floor.

“You don’t have to bother about my interest in football baby; it can’t do the things you do and can’t love me back,” Emanuel said amid heavy gulps of breath. “Okay, but sometimes when a football game is on, especially that blue team…” “Chelsea,” Emanuel filled in for her. “Yes, Chelsea. Whenever they are playing you forget me.” “No I don’t; it is just the passion of the game.” “Well I don’t like that kind of passion. It is at par with what we have for each other, and football is not a girl.” “I promise; football won’t take me away from you.”Janet looked searchingly into his eyes and responded, “Okay o! I was with mommy this evening…” Emanuel sat up at the mention of his mother.

“How is she? I have called her five times since midday and she did not pick up,” he said. “She is okay, but…” “But what?” “She is bothered about something…” “She has been bothered about something even before our wedding. Something is eating her up, and sadly she will not let me in on what it is,” Emanuel interjected. “It may be about your father.” “My father? How could that be? He has been dead for about fourteen years now. I doubt it is.” “Maybe this will make sense to you… Your mother said to me that your father ‘died for nothing’.

She sounded as though she was in regret.” “My father died for nothing… my father died for nothing… I can’t connect that statement to any event that can explain what she meant,” Emanuel said thoughtfully. “If there is more to that statement, it will come to light with time. Don’t bug your mind about that… What do I make for you this evening?”“I just remembered something,” Emanuel said, looking spaced out. “What is it?” “It is still murky, but this is the part I can recall vividly. A man walked into our bedroom and took something from our bed and said to me, “It is time to take what is mine.” I do not know what he took but it made me sad. I fought him to return what he took, but I was no match for him.” “Hahahahaha!!” Janet began to laugh.

“Why are you laughing? The dream was scary to me!” “Since when did you become religious? What you had was a mere dream. Forget it! What do I fix for you tonight?” “Stop trivializing my dream! What I saw was almost real! What the man took destroyed our home! It destroyed our love!” Emanuel screamed, begging her to listen. “It’s okay! It’s okay! I didn’t mean to demean your dream. I am sorry.”Emanuel stood up and began to dress up hurriedly. “Where are you going to, baby?” “To speak with my mom!” Emanuel snapped angrily.

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